(not so) dearly departed

(not so) dearly departed

May 2020. The pandemic has been going on for a few months. Following the death of their university friend, Tanya, a group of recent graduates gather on Zoom to hold an impromptu celebration of life.

This show's Content Warnings include:

Classism (Present), Death/Dying (Present), Eating Disordered (Mentioned), Fat Phobia (Mentioned), Homophobia (Present), Racisim/Racial Slurs (Present), Sexism/Misogyny/Misandry (Present), Suicide (Mentioned), Transphobia (Present)

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PlaywrightGill Yue
Chloé Baines as Maisie
Harry Wade as Mark
Jasmine Clarke as Melissa
Luke McDonald as Andy
Izzy Rye as Jenny
Charlie Lewis as Ben
Production Team
Director: Fin Avison
Producer: Leo Thomas
Press & Publicity: Charlotte Hammond
Costume: Gill Yue